Earring Care Instructions


All my creations are hand made and need to be cared for - look after them properly and enjoy them for a long time to come
  • Clean your creations gently with a clean, dry microfiber cloth if needed
  • Store your creations in a dust free environment free from friction and warping
  • My creations can't swim-  avoid wearing your creations in water as it may have an adverse affect on the finishes and construction of your pieces
  • Be kind - handle with care and do not drop or handle roughly
  • Be gentle - do not put any unnecessary pressure on your earrings as this may damage the finishes and shape of your creations
  • Avoid contact with makeup, creams, perfumes etc.
  • Always handle the earring posts and clutches with care and remove the earring backs carefully. Twisting, pulling and other rough treatment can cause the post and glue to weaken and may result it breakage over time.

Most Important of all...


I made these creations to spark joy and brighten your day

Please Note: I understand accidents happen and that earrings like to run away behind your dresser, get lost at work or stay out all night without you. If you happen to damage or loose one of your creations contact me and I may be able to help. Please note - postage costs and the cost of repair or replacement will be your responsibility